The DPYA has been running its Conservation Club for a number of years. Recently they have teamed up with Sanctuary Asia’s “ Kids for Tiger” programme wherein they have actively participated in all their competitions like Poster making, Elocution, Drawing, Junk music etc… The conservation club children are taught to take a pledge on Protecting and Preserving Nature.


The Annual Tiger Fest, conducted by Sanctuary Magazine was held on 4th Maharashtra Nature Park. There were a number of competitive and non-competitive events. And as usual D.P.Y.A. children participated in almost all the events. The entire 6th children attended the Fest as part of their educational field trip.

The following is the list of the prize winners:

  1. Yesha Mainthia, dressed as a Pashmina goat won the third prize in the Junior Fancy Dress competition.
  2. In the Nukkad Natak or street play our school bagged the second prize.
  3. Mugda Gholap of std.7 won the first prize in the face-painting competition.
  4. Padmaraj Kadam of std 5 and Ritika Lalan of std.9 won prizes in the junior and senior categories respectively, for Poster making with slogan.
  5. Khyaati Kadam was the first prize winner for clay-modelling.
  6. Kedar Kokatay of Std.8 won the third prize for On-the-spot photography
  7. And last but not least our school also got the Best Green Teacher award handed to Mrs. Malini Seshadri.

Cheers also to the entire team of children who decorated the DPYA stall with banners, lovely charts and models. And sincere thanks to all the teachers who helped the children